The New York State Association of Personnel & Civil Service Officers was founded in 1962 and celebrated its 60th conference in 2023.

50th pinPast Presidents

1962-1963                 Howard G. Wilson            Nassau County

1964-1965                Priscilla Peter                     Orange County

1966                      Teresa Keyes                     Suffolk County

1962-1963                   Howard G. Wilson                 Nassau County

1964-1965                   Priscilla Peter                         Orange County

1966                            Teresa Keyes                          Suffolk County

1967-1968                   James K. Anderson                 Rockland County

1969-1970                   Earl Stock, Jr.                         Herkimer County

1971-1972                   Adele Leonard                        Nassau County

1973-1974                   Hugh Hurlbut                          Tompkins County

1975-1977                   Frederick Lapple                    Monroe County

1978-1979                   Stanley Walker                       Niagara County

1980                            Kevin Loos                             Erie County

1981-1982                   Robert Bartsch                        Westchester County

1983                            William Finney                       Clinton County

1984-1985                   Paul Greenberg                       Suffolk County

1986                            Margaret Urice                       Broome County

1987-1988                   Alan Schneider                       Suffolk County

1989-1991                   Maureen Sullivan                   Oswego County

1992-1993                   Sandy Bower                          Orleans County

1993-1994                   Wendell Bellamy                    City of Rochester

1995-1997                   Jan Pierson                             Tioga County

1997-1999                   Karl Kampe                            Nassau County

1999-2001                   Elaine Walter                          Onondaga County

2001-2003                   Robert Biehl                           Steuben County

2003-2005                   Paul Eldridge                          Putnam County

2005-2007                   Bethany O’Rourke                  Tioga County

2007-2009                   Cathy Stagmier                       Orange County

2009-2011                   Dave Moshier                         Cattaraugus County

2011-2013                   Nancy B. Smith                      Steuben County

2013-2015                   Brayton McK. Connard          Monroe County

2015-2017                   John Charon                            City of Glen Cove

2017-2019                   Jack Welch                             Orleans County

2019-2022                   Nathan Alderman                   Steuben County

2022-Present               Beth Mortas                            Onondaga County

1967-1968                James K. Anderson         Rockland County

1969-1970                Earl Stock, Jr.                      Herkimer County

1971-1972                Adele Leonard                  Nassau County

1973-1974                Hugh Hurlbut                     Tompkins County

1975-1977                Frederick Lapple               Monroe County

1978-1979                Stanley Walker                  Niagara County

1980                       Kevin Loos                          Erie County

1981-1982                Robert Bartsch                  Westchester County

1983                       William Finney                   Clinton County

1984-1985                Paul Greenberg                Suffolk County

1986                       Margaret Urice                 Broome County

1987-1988                Alan Schneider                  Suffolk County

1989-1991                Maureen Sullivan             Oswego County

1992-1993                Sandy Bower                     Orleans County

1993-1994                Wendell Bellamy              City of Rochester

1995-1997                Jan Pierson                         Tioga County

1997-1999                Karl Kampe                         Nassau County

1999-2001                Elaine Walter                     Onondaga County

2001-2003                Robert Biehl                       Steuben County

2003-2005                Paul Eldridge                      Putnam County

2005-2007                Bethany O’Rourke             Tioga County

2007-2009                Cathy Stagmier                 Orange County

2009-2011                Dave Moshier                    Cattaraugus County

2011-2013                Nancy B. Smith                  Steuben County

2013-2015                Brayton McK. Connard      Monroe County

2015-2017                John Charon                       City of Glen Cove

2017-2019               Jack Welch                           Orleans County

2019-2022               Nathan Alderman              Steuben County

2022-Present           Beth Mortas                     Onondaga County

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