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NYSAPCSO provides a private members-only forum for the exclusive use of our membership. Access is password protected.

If you are a member, click on the link below to access the forum:


Q: How do I use the Group e-mail?

A:  The easiest way to use the Group e-mail is to simply send a new e-mail from your system addressed to the NYSAPCSO Group e-mail address. The system will automatically send your message to the entire group using the most up-to-date list. That way, you don’t have to save everyone’s e-mail address and no one misses out on your message. The other way to start a conversation is to create a new Post or reply to an existing Post by logging into the NYSAPCSO Forum.

Q: What do I do if I’m not receiving Group e-mails?

A:  If you have not been receiving e-mails with [NYSAPCSO] in the subject line, please take the following steps 1) check your Junk/Spam folder to see if the e-mails have been captured in your SPAM filters, 2) add the NYSPACSO Group e-mail address to your address book and/or “trusted list”,  3) contact the President for tech. support and troubleshooting, 4) contact your IT department.

Q: What is good Group e-mail etiquette?

A:  1) Use the NYSAPCSO Group e-mail address to communicate with the group. Please don’t use an old list of individual addresses. 2) Please start a fresh e-mail for each new subject or question. Please don’t add a different subject onto the end of a discussion. 3) You don’t need to Reply All to a group e-mail if your response is “not applicable” or “we don’t have that title in our jurisdiction”, etc., 4) Please contribute to the discussion by responding with your experience.

Q: How do I receive fewer e-mails but still remain informed?

A:  A nice feature of the group e-mail is that recipients can choose different ways to receive the e-mails. The default setting is to receive a new e-mail each time one is sent to the group. Other options are to receive a single summary e-mail at the end of the day or to have messages grouped into bundles of 25 before being sent. Recipients can change their settings by logging into the NYSAPCSO Forum.

Q: How do I search old e-mails?

A:  The Group e-mail system records each e-mail and saves it as a Post in the NYSAPCSO Forum. After logging in you can scroll through the Posts or use the Search box to find responses to previously asked questions. Posts are organized with Tags that help categorize the information.

Q: Where do I find more help?

A:  Please read the attached Forum Guide to learn more about the functionality of the system, including obtaining a log-in.

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